Furniture for Conversions

One of my favourite pieces of “furniture” for lofts isn’t really furniture but is just as important a part of furniture than anything else. It is also a key feature of any loft conversion or any other room within your home. The difference that a good window can make to your loft is the difference between a great loft, and an amazing loft. Skylights, velux or any other type of window can make a large difference in the way your loft looks, and the way the light is able to enter your room.

It’s so nice to have a large skylight if you are looking for a loft conversion to being in as much natural light as possible. Natural light is a key factor in making your home look spectacular, but it’s also a negative in the United Kingdom. The way the natural light looks within the United Kingdom, it can give your home a gloomy and almost depressing look. Even during the summer when it should be perfect hours, it can still be rainy and grey. I am sure I have seen fog in the middle of summer some years. It’s not the best, but some people love it.

I personally love looking at the rain fall in a skylight. I have always loved the rain, so it’s enjoyable to see the rain drop from underneath. What is even cooler however, is seeing lightning storms through a skylight. One of my greatest moments in life was watching a lightning storm break out for 4 or 5 hours and being able to see every bolt travel throughout the sky connecting to other clouds or bolts.

I know that not everyone is a fan of a skylight, but I would recommend getting one if you are in love with nature and the world. It gives you such an amazing outlook of the world when you are able to see the sky and the stars every day.

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